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I am an Alexander Technique Teacher (the study of human movement) and I teach one to one classes group classes and workshops in Cork City, Ireland.

Hi there! I’ve recovered from Repetitive Strain Injury and I feel so passionate about what I’ve learned I teach classes to show you how you can use only the necessary amount effort in any activity and no more, so you can have more energy to do the things you love.

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I was a very shy, self aware teenager, always uncomfortable in my own skin, I suppose most of us feel that way in our teens although it didn’t  seem that way back then, it always felt I was the only one. My shoulders were rounded, my posture stooped and adults always commented on it and made their usual suggestions to stand up straight, pull your shoulders back and so on. Which from my side sounded just awful and got me into a worse state than actually helping at all as I tried to pull myself out of this posture I had created through not understanding how I worked and how I was making it all worse.

As a young woman, tension got worse, I developed neck and shoulder pain and as a graphic designer, spending long hours at a computer, tight deadlines and stress, I suffered from repetitive strain injury in my right arm (RSI). I was in a lot of pain, my fingers and forearm would get really sore, particularly after a day’s work until eventually the pain was there all the time. My neck hurt pretty bad and my jaw started clicking so that every time I ate or yawned my jaw would click and feel sore too. I looked for the usual routes, doctor, physiotherapy, but really I found no help at all and was getting quite desperate until one day I went to  to an Alexander workshop, a whole day and a new world opened up to me. I was able to see a potential I didn’t understand but I could sense. The very gentle touch and approach, really appealed to me. It’s a strange thing to say but from that very day my whole being knew there was something so deeply true, I had to find out more.

From there I participated in a 6 week course which was fun and showed me lots of different ways to explore and play with activities and see how I could change the way I moved using less effort. The value of seeing other people in the group changing, thinking and moving effortlessly was quite amazing and very quickly I justI wanted more of that freedom in movement.

I moved on to one to one classes and there the deep and profound changes I made are still with me now. I started to feel better in myself, my RSI pain disappeared and my posture started to change. It took time but it was absolutely worth it.

Thank you to my first teacher, Rosemary Moone for showing me this amazing path.

I eventually trained so I could teach others and it is my life’s mission to share and practise this work.

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you find your own path to self discovery.

Results of a Major Back Pain Study by the British Medical Journal Video

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